Tony (fyrfitrmedic) wrote in artofthesword,

an introduction


I'm new to this group and of a 'beginner's mind'.

I've been involved with various western martial arts through study groups and medieval reconstruction groups for the past fifteen years or so off-and-on thanks to a million other things going on. My repertoire includes weapon-and-shield, short sword, longsword, polearm weapons, staves and spear - I consider myself somewhat competent in some but far from expert in any form.

At present I'm away from active participation until I finish my course of therapy in the next few weeks to clear up some tendonitis in one of my shoulders. I recently discovered a dojo up the road from here with offerings in both iaido and kendo; I've spent some time speaking with the sensei and intend to take up study there as my schedule permits, as soon as I'm cleared by my docs to do so. I feel that this will improve my flow and help reduce wear-and-tear as I resume other forms as well.
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