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By Request, Some Information...

As requested, I am posting some information on getting started with broadsword.
First I Must point out that these are very dangerous, at close quarters no different from a gun. Do not swing these things around others without lots of practice and study, the damage can be total. One of the reasons swords lasted as long as they did was their success in killing enemy combatants. That said, you are on your own to pick this up. Oh, and please do not confuse the art of broadsword with self defense, this is for combat.
A very good treatise on combat swordsmanship using western european weapons, including the broad and long sword is the book "Medieval Swordsmanship, Illustrated Methods and Techniques" by John Clements, a Paladin Press Book, ISBN#: 1-58160-004-6. This is an excellent work, I was able to get a copy through Museum Replicas Ltd. who also has a wonderful catalog of books, costume, arms and armor. I have bought several of their items and while they may not be the prettiest, they are very well made. Unless you know a good blacksmith, this catalog is your best bet, they are a part of Atlanta Cutlery.
Another fine resource is the SCA, an educational/re-enactment organization with a ton of good material, information and equipment. They have web pages, web rings and LJ sites as well. Too many to post here.
Physical training, flexibility, weight training, endurance training are all a must to attempt to truly handle sword and shield, or you risk injuring yourself. A good broadsword weighs anywhere from 3 pounds on up, a good shield from 5 pounds on up. If this does not seem like much to you, take two 5 pound weights and swing them around for 10 minutes with no break. Good luck.
Armor, if any, and it is Highly recommended, can weigh from 35-150 pounds of leather, cotton, chain and plates of steel. My own armor is 100 pounds, my shield is 8 pounds and my favorite broadsword is 5 pounds. I will continue to give more specific information in the near future, but I figured this was a good start. I salute you.
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