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Introducing Myself...

Greetings All,
I just wanted to introduce myself before heading off to make commentary or other postings. I have been a sword fighter for 24 years specializing in broadsword, hammer and axe (including throwing axe). I have been a member of several medieval reconstruction groups including the SCA and MSR. Most of the time I have been working out with some close friends who are knowledgeable in various martial arts as well as sword fighting. I began using live steel, a hazardous but rewarding path, then as I joined organizations switched to wood and "boffer" weapons. These days I practice with live steel and spar with wood. I have found that few fighters work with hammer at all, and some with axe with mixed results. These weapons are very dangerous in live steel, including practice, and so many do not get a real feel for the weapons to aid in combat. At the moment I belong to no organization, I simply spar with people I know, trust and respect and I am beginning to work on learning the art of the mace and war-club. I salute you all.
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