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Hello from Polish swordfighters [18 Dec 2007|01:42pm]

Hello from Poland Dear Colleagues!

I am new to this forum and just wanted to say hello, and to introduce my Polish Group of Historical Fencing Milites Alraunae, from Warsaw - our website: www.milites-alraunae.prv.pl

I hope to find this forum useful. As I travel a lot - maybe it will give one day a chance to train with other forumers together :). Soon I will probably visit US and Germany, so maybe ..?

Below I attach one of pictures from the biggest historical festival in Poland, apart of tournament, we have there a battle, on the battlefield about 1500 guys :).

With best greetings from Warsaw,

Bartosz "Bartoha"


Hello everyone [29 Sep 2006|12:45pm]

Hi everyone. I only have one question.. What kind of oil do you guys put on your sword during practice to facilitate the noto ? I've been using the oil I had in the cleaning kit, but I'm running out.

Thanks :)
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Hello [06 Mar 2006|01:36pm]

I was introduced to Iado five years ago when I found my father's swords. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase a Japanese made Katana that I could be sure was the real thing. I don't want any Chineese imitations. And if anyone knows of anybody who can sharpen katana, that would be awesome...
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an introduction [14 Feb 2006|11:25pm]


I'm new to this group and of a 'beginner's mind'.

I've been involved with various western martial arts through study groups and medieval reconstruction groups for the past fifteen years or so off-and-on thanks to a million other things going on. My repertoire includes weapon-and-shield, short sword, longsword, polearm weapons, staves and spear - I consider myself somewhat competent in some but far from expert in any form.

At present I'm away from active participation until I finish my course of therapy in the next few weeks to clear up some tendonitis in one of my shoulders. I recently discovered a dojo up the road from here with offerings in both iaido and kendo; I've spent some time speaking with the sensei and intend to take up study there as my schedule permits, as soon as I'm cleared by my docs to do so. I feel that this will improve my flow and help reduce wear-and-tear as I resume other forms as well.

[03 Nov 2005|09:03pm]

Hi everyone, looking for a little help here.
I am wanting to purchase a sword with a phrase engraved on it as a gift, 51 characters including spaces.
Any ideas/suggestions of where I can shop to accomplish this?

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Greetings and salutations [26 Sep 2005|07:33pm]

My interest in swords extends not only to the practical application and use of the weapons, but also the construction and smithing of the same. In my personal collection, I currently have a Roman-period Celtic-style sword with Anthropomorphic hilt, a basket-hilt claymore, a wakazashi (iato-style), and a Civil War Union NCO-sabre. As opportunity and time permits, I plan on obtaining a live katana... as well as learning how to actually forge my own swords.
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Hello [18 Aug 2005|06:11pm]

I'm a beginner in this stuff, and I want to learn kendo seriously in future

[02 Aug 2005|12:20pm]

I'm really glad someone else actually introduced themselves to this group. Now I don't feel like a total putz.
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[28 Jun 2005|10:53pm]


I'm a kendo student just looking to find people with similar intrests.
Not that many people to befriend at the dojo, and none of my friends are really into the sword fighting stuff.
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[19 Apr 2005|06:19pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey all,
I was wonderin if anyone has any place I might be able to get a real sword. As of right now I am looking at a Tenshon-Koshirae, for a Diato, but I need a real katana. Does anyone have any suggestions and or advice? Thanks!

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Phenominal Sword site [19 Mar 2005|12:11pm]

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I've been a denizen of this site for a long time, and just wanted to share it with you guys!

Museum Replicas Limited

...I guess I haven't introduced myself. I'm studying Shin Nagare Karate and Shin-Kendo.  Japanese history and swordsmanship are two of my most beloved subjects. I guess that's about it about me as far as swords go.

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Weird... [09 Mar 2005|06:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Have you guys heard of this? Apparently there were pin-fire swords and axes and stuff of the like at one point of time. Wondering if anyone else has heard of this or if it's just made up. Found a few sites on google in case you wanna check it out.




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[07 Dec 2004|02:52am]

[ mood | eating lunch! ]

So what are peoples favorite weapon styles?
My current joy is the longsword.

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[05 Dec 2004|02:41pm]

Heres a great sword site with other stuff to. Not bad prices either check it out.



Charlie, Frances, Ivan oh my... [23 Sep 2004|01:28am]

Once again sorry for not posting, I live in florida and the constant hurricanes have left my quite busy, but for now all is good.
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[06 Aug 2004|03:36pm]

Sorry for not posting lately, i was having some computer troubles, but woohoo im back.
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The Art Of The Shield... [17 Jun 2004|08:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

The shield is not properly understood today...
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By Request, Some Information... [10 Jun 2004|11:07am]
As requested, I am posting some information on getting started with broadsword.
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[09 Jun 2004|04:44am]

I guess I will introduce myself as well.

I have been trained in Karate for 4 years, and Trained some in TKD, and Kung Fu.

As well as Sword Fighting goes I have trained with the katana for about a year.

I practice Live steel katas and Spar with the boken.

I belong to no organizations at the time but am looking forward to joining one.

I also look forward to training with the rapier, and the broadsword.
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Introducing Myself... [08 Jun 2004|08:14am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Greetings All,
I just wanted to introduce myself before heading off to make commentary or other postings. I have been a sword fighter for 24 years specializing in broadsword, hammer and axe (including throwing axe). I have been a member of several medieval reconstruction groups including the SCA and MSR. Most of the time I have been working out with some close friends who are knowledgeable in various martial arts as well as sword fighting. I began using live steel, a hazardous but rewarding path, then as I joined organizations switched to wood and "boffer" weapons. These days I practice with live steel and spar with wood. I have found that few fighters work with hammer at all, and some with axe with mixed results. These weapons are very dangerous in live steel, including practice, and so many do not get a real feel for the weapons to aid in combat. At the moment I belong to no organization, I simply spar with people I know, trust and respect and I am beginning to work on learning the art of the mace and war-club. I salute you all.

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